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Hull Cleaning

Why is it worth thinking and taking actions?

Shipping uses some 350 billion tons of heavy fuel oil per year (estimate for 2009). The associated emission of CO2 is greater than 1 billion ton per year Underwater Engineering The real demands of underwater work are not revealed from the surface. Underwater operations require the best possible equipment and a qualified personnel ready to work in a variety of conditions

EMM is a modern diving company operating since 2010. We are specialists in underwater hull cleaning, propeller polishing, wet welding, NDT-inspections, propulsion maintenance, general service and repair work

The company has an extensive experience and a wide range of equipment for salvage operations in extreme conditions Saving Potential VS Emissions By continuous cleaning of the hull and rudders and by polishing the propeller, the saving potentials in worst case scenario may exceed the margin of 20%! In the real life, the value of close to 10% savings is fully achievable


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