Lightering or Ship to Ship Transfer (STS) is the transfer of cargo, usually petroleum from a VLC Super Tanker to Smaller Tankers for transport to destinations where access to these MEGA ships are prohibited due to there size and draft.

EMM has been licensed by the Bahamas Government to conduct Lightering exercises in Bahamian Waters. EMM is the only fully turn key lightening company in the Bahamas that can provided governments approvals, along with EMM's logistical support from their fleet of vessels to help carry out lightening operations. EMM works closely with SPT a leader in the Lightering industry providing there expertise with SPT's trained Lightering Mooring Masters to conduct all lightening operations both safely and in full compliance with all International Regulations.

Ship to Ship Operations

EMM has two lightening support vessels to provide reliability when our customer need us most. Our lightening support vessel, Pelagic I and Typhoon are ready to provide logistical support for all EMM lightening operations.

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